>no YES I AM this week

>anime on a break after geb and the fool part 1

>break until next year

>jojolion on a break, so no new chapter for september


check out my five nights at freddy’s lets play

scary shit

you should sit down

Which stand should i do?


*nods respectfully toward you*


*nods respectfully toward you*

I’m going to finish every single commission i have and then

It’s a good bye

>people start to follow me from my epic meems

>unfollow me bcuz i post lewds

What kind of faggots are ya? If you don’t want lewds get the fuck out u fukin weirdo! lol

Playing a new game



Alright, It’s finished but I don’t really like how the background came out. Obviously I need more practice but what do you think Speedy? Is it okay for you? I was trying to make Megan’s Room the background but like I said I feel it kinda backfired on me.

Woah, if you wanted a lineart you only needed to ask my friend. 


Gaturo what are you doing? you haven’t finished part 6 yet


Gaturo what are you doing? you haven’t finished part 6 yet


when someone doesnt wanna make memes for meme thursday


Victim #2

oh baby

ask me these quirky questions
✞: And why would I want them?
☭: Bane?
♫: Who payed you to grab Dr. Pavel?
♋: He didn't fly so good. Who wants to try next?
♝: Tell me about Bane, why does he wear the mask?
☂: At least you can talk. Who are you?
∞: If I pull that off, will you die?
♒: Was getting caught part of your plan?
ツ: Well congratulations, you got yourself caught. Now what's the next step in your master plan?